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05 November 2012

What is Google Display Network?

Google's Ad Display Network is a broad network of website that accept to implement its online marketing campaigns. Its ...

15 October 2012

What is AdWords Remarketing?

Remarketing is one of several advertising campaigns available in Google AdWords. It consists in creating campaigns specifically for users that ...

01 October 2012

Reporting on Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing allows an exceptional segmentation either through search engine marketing, social networks or even email marketing. Accompanied to this ...

12 September 2012

On-Page Optimization

The process of search engine optimization starts right when you start building your website. There are some elements in the ...

24 August 2012

Link Building - general notions

In Dengun's prior blog article "Aspects of Digital Marketing: SEO", I mentioned that the most relevant aspect in off-page ...

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