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A presentation by Dengun

On September the 26th, Dengun organized a special event at Hotel Faro where our founder, Miguel Rocha Fernandes, gave a presentation about the Company's vision and future.
In this presentation, our team leaders also shared their ideas and motivations.

As the digital world grows exponentially, becoming an ever-faster engine for knowledge, services and employment, we believe that staying at the forefront of technology is the key to  success.

With this, Dengun will continue to evolve, test and build new ideas, always looking to improve the world.
As a team, we will support each other and take these ideas as far as they can go.

In addition, being a part of the Algarve Tech Hub, Dengun will also be focused on creating a community of local talented tech teams by investing in youth programs, engaging with schools, colleges, and the university.

Our values can be summarized as:

  • Tribe - Dengun is a family, where our relationships bind us together on this mission.
  • Collaborative - We work together to solve problems. We play as a team and we win as a team. We collectively celebrate our successes and learn from our losses.
  • Entrepreneurial - We are all empowered to be entrepreneurs. There are opportunities for everyone to develop new ideas.
  • Always Learning - We are curious and inventive. We learn each day in our work and in our lives.
  • Agility - We adapt to the changing environment around us that is forever quickening in its pace.

The event was filled with a brainstorm of ideas, surging from Backend Development to Marketing.

Overall, everyone got a chance to grasp at the notion of what drives the company forward and how it's goal is to be a continuous and sustainable success for many future generations.

Wrapping up, everyone was also able to mingle, have a snack, socialize and further discuss their ideas, always accompanied by a cold drink on this spectacular summer evening.

Memorable photos were taken throughout the entire event and needless to say, everyone who was present had an amazing time.
Thank you to Hotel Faro for the space, to everyone who attended, and also to B16 for the fantastic video!

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