Digital Consulting

Great ideas are the ones that push the limits of the ordinary and stand as extraordinary. We challenge the mandatory and thrive on being a catalyst for change. But different does not always mean better, and every idea is put to the test. We believe that being creative is not having a lot of ideas, is knowing how to pick good ideas and turn them into great ones.




Our Process

Our process begins with an overall diagnostic of our potential client’s digital footprint, translated into a needs assessment and further materialized on a working proposal based in the wireframes to follow and the needed tools to get there.








Only a select few are able to deliver the perfect balance when it comes to online outsourcing services.

We pride ourselves on being one of them. How?

  • 90% delivery within budget
  • Result driven mindset
  • Great quality / cost ratio
  • Western cultural fit
  • Great location to visit and collaborate
  • English proficiency
  • Optimal timezone for collaboration (CET) 


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