Like house builders which base their work in architectural plans, our frontend team does exactly the same with designs, turning them into dynamic and responsive websites, thus, materializing the backend team’s solutions into a graphic interface.




Which solutions do we use in the process?



Bootstrap for its cross browser coherence and responsive fast templating.

ReactJS, that creates its own virtual DOM, which is lighter and faster, processing in advance what changed in the DOM and updating it; agile, allowing the creation of components that can be easily reused and combined, which is great for productivity; and isomorphic, since it can be rendered on both the client’s side as well as the server, making it a great optimizer for single page apps, and extremely SEO friendly, since it returns a simpler html page.

SASS, a pre-processor which allows faster CSS writing and simpler code reutilization, extremely useful for global properties alterations as well as for calculations and mathematical functions; over the past few years it has been developed internally in order to adapt to our growing needs and increased productivity.

GulpJS, which automates different tasks, such as stylesheets/js files building and simplification and SASS compilation, and we all know what increased automation means, right? INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY.


Jquery will always have a special place in our hearts, mainly due to its widgets, which have already proven their strength, and we naturally take advantage of all browsers development tools, guaranteeing website stability and cross browser compatibility.


Only a select few are able to deliver the perfect balance when it comes to online outsourcing services.

We pride ourselves on being one of them. How?

  • 90% delivery within budget
  • Result driven mindset
  • Great quality / cost ratio
  • Western cultural fit
  • Great location to visit and collaborate
  • English proficiency
  • Optimal timezone for collaboration (CET) 


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