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Website Creation, As You Want It!


Do you see yourself creating content and a design for a website without needing programmers? And then updating it every time you need to change something? Well, with MyPages you can! So far more than 200 organisations are using MyPages.

MyPages is a user friendly Content Management System (CMS) built from scratch by our team on top of the Django framework. While Django is amazing to to build new apps and websites effectively and quickly, there simply wasn't a userfriendly CMS around. MyPages was the first Django based CMS with the 'click, drag & drop' concept. 

At Dengun we love to build custom frameworks and apps, but it is just not smart to redevelop features over and over again. That is why we have the MyPages CMS as part of our custom modular Django solution. During the years many different re-usable modules have been developed and we intend do develop many more custom modules. 


  • E-commerce
  • Product catalogue
  • Blog
  • E-mail capture
  • CRM
  • Events


  • Events
  • Transfers
  • Rent-a-car
  • Real estate management
  • Real estate rentals
  • Golf booking


  • Boat tour bookings
  • Experiences bookings
  • B2B Travel agency system


Creating a webpage without any programming skills?

Nowadays, content management is crucial - your web presence deserves constant updates in order to be evergreen in the digital world. That is why MyPages allows you to manage simple content, as well as actual webpage design.  

Create new and fully customized webpages according to your needs, while no technical knowledge in this area is required. Simply use MyPages, where a specifically crafted, block-assembly-based and drag’n’drop editor makes building new webpages a breeze!


Our whole team came together to make sure we would have a competitive advantage to build our custom solutions. The backend team made sure that our CMS would be part of a modular and scalable framework and our consultants & marketing team made sure that we would add more custom modules to better serve the needs of our clients. 



Only a select few are able to deliver the perfect balance when it comes to online outsourcing services.

We pride ourselves on being one of them. How?

  • 90% delivery within budget
  • Result driven mindset
  • Great quality / cost ratio
  • Western cultural fit
  • Great location to visit and collaborate
  • English proficiency
  • Optimal timezone for collaboration (CET) 


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