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RDM - Transcending Traditional Customer Interactions Globally

Seeking to boost sales while fostering robust customer loyalty, both locally and globally?

Your solution is here. Our unique RDM approach, strengthened by Artificial Intelligence (AI), focuses on building profound relationships with your target accounts, leading to heightened engagement and unparalleled results.

Dengun Agency is proud to offer specialized AI-enhanced RDM services to businesses around the world, with a keen focus on the Portuguese and US markets. Our seasoned team has a successful history of guiding numerous businesses towards their marketing goals through our unique, relationship-centric, and AI-driven approach.


Recognizing that each business is unique, we collaborate closely with you to construct an RDM strategy tailor-made to meet your specific needs.


Our strategy combines AI-generated personalized content, precision-targeted advertising, and insightful data analysis at the account level to achieve outcomes that are far beyond what traditional marketing techniques can deliver.


With our AI capabilities, we build precise customer personas, craft and optimize engaging messages, create multiple variable messages, and drive high engagement on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Moreover, we run AI on our hyper-personalized ad campaigns, resulting in impressive CTR rates.


The benefits of AI-enhanced RDM are clear: increased sales, boosted ROI, and an optimized marketing budget. Don’t miss this chance to bring a revolution to your marketing strategy with the power of AI.


Our services include:

  • AI-driven selection and prioritization of target accounts.
  • Creation of personalized messages and content at the account level using AI.
  • Active prospecting with top-tier national SDR’s.
  • AI-enhanced hyper-personalized online ads.
  • AI-empowered measurement and reporting.
  • Harmonious integration of sales and marketing results, ensuring targets are met.

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