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Digital Marketing Consulting

Digital Marketing consulting helps companies efficiently use different online tools. The aim of this service is to highlight the different challenges that brands face in the digital world and correct them.

With this correction, the company not only becomes more agile in the different digital channels, but it also gets closer to users, staying ahead of the competition.

Our digital marketing consultancy service not only involves the analysis of different digital channels, but also the execution of significant improvements and strategies by professionals specialized in the key digital areas.


We use the following method:

  1. Analysis and diagnosis of your digital presence – website, social media profiles, blog, email, SEO, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business Profile;
  2. Improvements – identify the main improvements that should be implemented;
  3. Timeline – define a roadmap in line with the objectives of the brand and the time required for the implementation of the different improvements suggested;
  4. Implementation – put into practice all the actions presented according the timeline;
  5. Analysis of results – the results are monitored to ensure that the objectives are being achieved.

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