Scaling up and reducing costs for a social platform.

The challange

The Challenge

Triller needed to build new features and scale their AI-powered iOS and Android app to millions of users. Dengun was appointed as digital growth partner by Triller’s executive team and were tasked with rapid scaling and cost reduction. They needed growth fast, the agency had to rapidly deliver and deploy an international development team to meet their requirements.

The opportunity

The Opportunity

Rebuild and build core components that would enable rapid scaling and simultaneously manage legacy crash issues. Define and grow a project team of 30 people who could; strategically implement new features, build organisational confidence and ultimately integrate into the core Triller team.


The Results


Grew from 4 Million daily active users to 80 Million


Current valuation


Increased server performance by 100x while lowering costs and latency


Average latency went from ~250ms to ~40ms


Implemented a full automated CI/CD pipeline and increased project coverage from 20% to 70% during the initial phase of refactor

Implemented a full featured CMS platform to manage app content and users while also greatly improving customer support efficiency and responsiveness

Successfully reduced infrastructure costs